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The Story Behind The Plant Based Essentials

the plant based essentials vegan multivitamin

My History

This is my favorite story to tell because it allows me to share more about our journey and what inspired Nu Pursuit.

My childhood memories are quite clear - Saturday mornings spent with my mom included vitamin B12 drinks, Billy Blanks bootcamp TV workouts in our living room, and green juices before they were trendy. My mom constantly challenged societal norms, a trait I didn’t fully appreciate then but deeply admire now. I took after much of her rebellious spirit, which fueled my own journey into the wellness space.

My interest in health led me into the science field, and my career as a research scientist in biotech deepened my love for science. However, I started to feel a disconnect between my values and the pharmaceutical industry’s priorities, and I started to question my purpose here. Taking nothing more than my skillset, I left the industry to leverage my scientific background for a more natural route of medicine, giving birth to Nu Pursuit.


The Inspiration

The inspiration behind our first formulation arose from witnessing my mother's struggles during her 30-year plant-based journey - B12 shots, low energy, frequent illness, and the daily struggle to meet nutritional needs. What seemed normal then was definitely far from it.

Combining my scientific expertise with the expertise of a team of scientists, we formulated the optimal vegan multivitamin to cover the most common nutrient deficiencies that occur on vegan and plant-based diets. We knew this multivitamin had to go beyond your obvious vitamin B12 and omega-3s – it had to cover all bases so you wouldn’t worry about meeting your nutritional needs through diet alone.

We were very meticulous in selecting our final formulation. This unique formula was created using clinically-backed doses and clinically-studied ingredients in their most bioavailable form. Long nights, lots of coffee, and hundreds of research hours later, we perfected a formula to make plant-based and vegan health accessible and convenient - a choice that supports your wellbeing without compromising your values or dietary lifestyle. We called this vegan supplement the plant-based essentials.

Within weeks of taking the plant-based essentials, our unique all-in-one vegan multivitamin, my mom's transformation was undeniable - heightened mental clarity, a surge in energy, and a revitalized spirit after three decades of struggle. This is our mission– to make vegan and plant-based diets accessible, convenient, and beneficial to everyone.


The Science That Supports It

At Nu Pursuit, our goal is to surpass industry standards set for quality and transparency. During our manufacturing process, we implement the strictest testing parameters, using only the highest quality materials, and conduct thorough testing – first in-house, then by a third party. We test for heavy metals, microbials, pesticides, purity, and more. The list goes on. We leave no area untouched.

We insist on storing our products in glass due to the well-known health risks associated with plastics, and we turned down any manufacturer who told us we couldn’t. The evidence for plastics being detrimental to our health extends far beyond BPAs. For example, plastics contain other chemicals like phthalates that are known endocrine disruptors linked to hormonal imbalances and reproductive issues (1). Studies also show that chemicals in plastics can leach into their contents, introducing toxic chemicals that probably weren’t in the product in the first place. Storing our supplements in plastic was out of the question. To every manufacturer who told us we couldn’t, we did, so I guess it was possible.


The Evidence

About 5% of the United States population follows a vegetarian diet, with an increasing number adopting fully plant-based or vegan lifestyles, according to a 2023 study (2). Many are drawn to these dietary choices due to growing evidence of their health and environmental benefits. Plant-based diets are linked to a reduced risk of chronic disease, improved digestive health, and reduced inflammation. Environmentally, plant-based diets support sustainable food production, biodiversity preservation, water conservation, and a reduction in greenhouse gases.

These dietary choices can also create challenges in eating a complete, well-rounded diet that meets daily nutrient needs. This, in turn, can lead to deficiencies with detrimental effects if left untreated. This was likely what my mom was suffering from without knowing it.

You may think you’re eating a well-balanced diet, but deficiencies can take years to surface and can cause irreversible damage to our health. On top of that, evidence shows that modern agricultural practices have led to a decrease in the nutritional quality of our food (3). Cultivating crops without proper soil management (crop rotation, addition of organic matter, high yields, etc.) can deplete essential nutrients from the soil, resulting in less nutritious food compared to 50 years ago. These factors should all be considered when deciding if you’re eating a well-balanced diet or if you need to supplement.

We created the plant-based essentials because we are passionate about what we do and put our health and planet first. We're looking forward to the future and are excited for what’s to come...

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