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Plant-based wellness, simplified.

Meet the all-in-one vegan supplement designed to tackle common deficiencies for those on plant-based diets.

Wellness is a journey that requires deliberate pursuit.

Nu (from Greek "nous," reason or intellect) - A higher form of understanding that transcends rational thinking.

Pursuit - Actively chasing or seeking; an ongoing and determined endeavor.

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To be completely transparent, we're reinventing standards.

scientist founded vegan multivitamin

Scientist Founded

third party tested vegan multivitamin

3rd Party Tested

vegan and plant based multivitamin


pesticide free vegan multivitamin

Pesticide Free

Our products are made without

gluten free vegan multivitamin


soy free vegan multivitamin


dairy free vegan multivitamin


peanut free vegan multivitamin


Science evolves. So do we.

Science is alive and dynamic, always evolving and seeking improvement - much like our own health. As new insights and evidence emerge in the world of scientific research and we expand and refine our understanding, we fine-tune our formulas to stay at the forefront of this progress. Join the conversation in our Journal Club to learn more.

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